A Contact Meeting For The Fason Turkey Producers

A Contact Meeting For The Fason Turkey Producers

In November 3rd, 2015, we came together with the fason turkey producers in Altınyunus Hotel which is one of the group companies of Yaşar Holding. 

After the opening speech of Cenk Doğru; who is the Unit of Work Director of Organic Milk, Poultry and Plant Nutrition, the Logistics Manager Burak Mücahitoğlu made a presentation about the improvement works that are arranged in Logistics operations. Respectively, Metin Kömüroğlu; the Field Supervisor Veterinary Surgeon made a presentation about IPARD which is about the encouragement disposals in European Community breeding that are implemented in our region. Lastly, Cem Uğur; the Field Supervisor Vetenary Surgeon made a presentation about the Biosafety Regulations which goes in effect in the year 2015 and the Biosafety Conditions which are required to be implemented. 

In addition to all these, I found an opportunity to make the general evaluation of 2015 and to lay emphasis on the determinated aims related to 2016 with our turkey producers. I would like to thank all of my managers and workmates for their efforts that they put during the organization and our precious producers. 

Next year, I would like to meet with each other in Çeşme again...

Gündüz İlsever
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