Çamlı Feed With 35 Years Experience, Quality And Reliability...

Çamlı Feed With 35 Years Experience, Quality And Reliability...

Çamlı Feed Animal Husbandry Co. has first started its’ operations with dairy and livestock animal feed production in Pınarbaşı/ İzmir. Today, it symbolizes quality and reliability in various operating fields by working with the aim of raising healthy and new generations.

We are proud to say that 40 types of cattle, sheep & goat and poultry feed are being produced in the most modern feed production facility of Turkey established with the ‘feed is for nutrient’ approach in 2018 and located in Turgutlu/ Manisa.

We produce our own organic milk according to the organic agriculture rules in the largest organic dairy facility of Turkey located in Beydere/ Manisa with a land of 1500 decare.

Aquaculture production is the other operation field of Çamlı Feed Animal Husbandry Co. Superior taste awarded sea bass and sea bream are being produced in the facility located in Ildırı/ Çeşme along with the Aegean Sea. Environmentally friendly production is being made from feed production to hatchery and harvest to packaging by monitoring the whole processes of production through advanced technology without compromising from quality.

Our aim is to invest in future by producing healthy and natural products. We are always focused on presenting quality and natural nutritional sources to our consumers in the fields of cattle, sheep & goat, poultry and fish feed production, turkey breeding, organic dairy and aquaculture.

As being the motto of the Yaşar Community; the word of ‘Science, Unity And Success’ which belongs to our Honorary President Selçuk Yaşar, has become a guide for all of us. By this direction, we are going to continue to produce for our consumers in order to provide them convenient and healthy lives.

Süleyman Güler
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