Halal Certification In Aquaculture

Halal Certification In Aquaculture

  • Halal Certificate

Halal food means permitted food toward Islamic rules according the documents of International The Codex Alimentarius Committee and it is defined as including halal factors and preparing- processing- bringing- storing in the places suit to these factors.

In addition to the halal certificates of food products; sanitation and purity are very important.

  • Halal Food In The World

The population of Muslim people reached to 1.8 billion with a huge increase of 250 percent at the last 50 years. This amount is being predicted to reach to 3.6 billion in the next 24 years. The current population distribution using halal food is stated below...

  • Asia (Including 72 million people in Turkey) : 1.240 million
  • Africa : 490 million
  • Europe (Including 27 million people in Russia) : 52 million
  • North America : 7 million
  • South America : 3 million
  • Oceanian: 1 million

IN TOTAL 1.793 million

The halal food market has an annual trading volume of 150 billion dollars. 1.3 billion of these Muslim consumers are known as the members of Islamic Conference Organization. They live in 57 different countries such as Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and China and have the potential to attract the market.

There are two available markets for halal food. One of them is the South East Asia country region, in which 241 million people live. And the other is the Middle East country region, in which 186 million people live.

As the whole Muslim consumers living around the regions mentioned above; halal food market will no doubtly develop and reach to 860 billion dollars annually. This amount refers to 7 percent of the world annual trade...

  • Halal Certification Process

Some of the private institutions which became the members of IFANCA in America (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America), ICRIC in Iran, JAKIM in Malaysia, MULS in Singapore (The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore), MUI in Indonesia (Majelis Ulema Indonesia) and SMIIC, TSE and HELALDER, supervise and make documentation.

The first certification studies are made by GIMDES.

Health and reliability are very important for halal food. In addition to these criterias mentioned above; halal and illicit things are separated from each other and evaluated in the process carefully. Therefore, any kind of illicit products or data aren’t accepted. 

Honey, unprocessed fruit and vegetables, non- GDO cereals, animal origin food such as camel, cattle, sheep, goat, chicken, deer, duck and fish, non- alcoholic plants and healthy products are all accepted halal food. Besides; blood, carcase, alcoholic drinks, insects and pig are assumed dirty (harmful) things to look or consume and infections aren’t accepted from these according to our religion.

The producer company, defines dangerous and illegitimate circumstances as “Halal Food Security Danger” and has to build a system to keep these potential risks under control. Revisions in the existing Quality Management System, are made according to the management commitments, documentations, responsibilities, authority definitions, emergency, education and prerequirement plans. The facility, has to apply to the certification institute or HELALDER while designing a new product and making changes in the production processes.

  • Halal FISH

Halal fish production requires having a food security management system, including healthy products and obeying the legal obligations. Healthy and unhealthy fish should be carefully separated from each other during the harvesting period. Moreover; religious rituals are expected to be held in Halal Food slaughtering.

Pınar Fish is the only brand that gained the Halal Fish Certificate.

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