Larvi 2013 & 17. National Fisheries Symposium

Larvi 2013 & 17. National Fisheries Symposium

2 important scientific symposiums have been held within September which is also attended by our workmates from the company;

6th of LARVI 2013 symposium has been held in 2-5 September 2013 in Belgium Ghent. Having been held with more than 400 participators from 50 countries this year, symposium is held once every four years with the collaboration of Ghent University and Norway Science and Technology University. Symposium includes the very valuable scientific studies in every field of larval farming in aquaculture. Another important point of Larvi symposium is that it gathers together the manufacturer countries and companies with academician staff.

43 seminars and 111 poster presentations have been held in the symposium about larval feeding, broodstock management and new types. Information has been given about the project detail named “Larva NET” that is an action of EU COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). Project for the research of “Critical success criteria of larval production in European aquaculture” has been another project discussed in the symposium.

Due to the retirement of Prof. Dr. Patrick Sorgelos who is one of the founders of Ghent University Aquaculture department and known as the organizer of LARVI symposiums, following progress of the symposiums is an issue of concern. LARVI is known as a symposium where the most scientific and current findings specialized on larva feeding on aquaculture industry are conveyed.

Between 3 and 6 September 2013, 17th National Fisheries Symposium has been held in Istanbul University.  Chairman of the Regulatory board of symposium, Prof. Dr. Meriç Albay has explained the theme of symposium as “Biotechnology in Fisheries”.  In the organization where 3 different sessions were held, gathered together private sector, academicians and suppliers engaged in fishery together. Assessment panel organized at the last day of the symposium in which 65 presentations were held was carried out on the subject “Authority Problems Experienced on Diagnosis and Treatment of Fishery Diseases: Who Should be the Authority?”

We ask you the same question asked on the panel that was excited… Who would be authorized on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in fisheries? 


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