Moscow Travel Journal - 1

Moscow Travel Journal - 1

 With the renewal of our webpage and my designation as a blogger and Worldfood Moscow exhibition held on Moscow that is also visited by us has fell in the same dates. That is why it is almost a must to tell about Moscow and exhibition on my first article. I would like to start with Moscow in this first article, I will then continue with the exhibition.

Since its establishment, Moscow has been the capital city of Russian states whose name is derived from the Moscow River located within it. Nowadays it has a population more than 11 million and considered as a city where most of the billionaires live :) Being one of the most expensive cities of the world, Moscow is a place where richness and poorness simply intertwined with each other.  By the way, we have realized that it is one of the most expensive cities of the world by the money we paid to cabs and nearly 200 TL we paid for 4 salads. :)

I first visited Moscow on February 2011 and only had a chance to stay for one night.  Since the average temperature was about (-)32 degrees on that season, I did not have a chance to see any other places other than a small Red Square tour. I had a chance to visit this square on a sunny day at this stay, which derives from the word “krasnaya” that both means crimson and beautiful in Russian :) As you can also realize, it was a surprising experience for me to see the square full of tourists this time which was quite empty at my first visit. 

The biggest mischance we have experienced at this visit was that the square was being prepared for a concert.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is a building that has become the symbol of Red Square and even Russia. It is a structure that has become a subject to many movies with its colorful, domed, onion-shaped roofs. It has been constructed with the orders from Ivan the Terrible, or known as Crazy Ivan by us in 1561.

Another mostly visited place of Moscow apart from Red Square is Arbat streets.  I say Arbat Streets because New Arbat Street is a boulevard surrounded by highly modern buildings where shopping centers and quality restaurants exist. It has a highly extraordinary view especially when visited at nights with its illuminated buildings. However I liked more the Old Arbat street. This street which is closed to traffic has old style cafes, small shops and souvenirs shops.  These are the city notes of our Moscow visit. There is also a night at Moscow when we watched a football match with near fifty people from Madrid but we are trying to forget this memory. I will share my notes about Worldfood Moscow Exhibition and Moscow fish market in the next article :)

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