People are the most important and strategical factors for determining the success levels of businesses. Accomplishment depends on efficient usage of labor force. Accordingly; motivation is necessary to provide the employees of a company to work productively, be able to create new things and experience success. It is an important issue that we may always face with.

Internal Or External Motivation?

External motivation occurs while receving a prize or avoiding something negative. Besides, internal motivation is such a concept that people act for their personal fulfillments, not for prize. Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş, defines people who have internal motivation as optimistic and external motivation as pessimistic.

Why Am I Working Here?

People want to feel themselves beneficial at work. They need to understand the meaning of why they are working there. They want to be happy and feel satisfied while working. Due to those that are mentioned above; their aims can’t just be to earn money. Researches show that directors and managers can possibly overlook the needs of their employees because of their busy schedules. This situation causes from not getting opinions of the team members, neglect giving responsibility and appreciating. As a result of these; employees lose their motivations.

What Are The Ways For Satisfying The Needs Of Employees?

Serving A Purpose: Everybody wants to feel themselves important in their careers. They always struggle to create something different from others and be proud of themselves with their successful projects.

Feedback Mechanism: Confirmation is a mechanism that everybody needs. It can be given by managers, colleagues or customers.

Supporting Development: Education opportunities are one of the most important factors for young generations. They always want to learn new things in their careers and adopt this concept as a measurement tool whether it is meaningful or not in reality.

Sense Of Unity and Solidarity: Henry Ford, defined unity as the beginning, solidarity as the development and cooperation as the success. These are the qualities that provide us to feel ourselves as social human beings. Meaning attribution is very important in our career. In addition to these personal needs of ours; supporting our colleagues or employees is necessary to contribute sectoral success of our companies.

Some quotations about motivation and meaning attribution from the book of our Honorary President Selçuk Yaşar are stated below...

Dialog strengthens management.

It teaches people to work cooperatively.

The wiseliest investments are education and orientation.

The basis of economy is person.

Unity provide people not to be think selfishly.

Süleyman Güler
The Determinant Factors For Success In A Company The Importance Of Motivation For People The Definitions Of Internal And External Motivation Meaning Attribution

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