The Importance of Scale in Feeding

The Importance of Scale in Feeding

One of the main problems of the current livestock farming is input costs. The breeders who suffer from the calculation of the input costs always complain about the prices of the inputs. Another subject that is as important as the input costs is that how the amount of consumed feed is scaled and given.

The first question that was almost asked by every breeder during my negotiations in the field was how much a sack of feed cost to them. All breeders more or less know the prices of the roughage and concentrate feeds within the market conditions. However, our breeders who carry out the costing process with a quite straightforward logic always skip a matter.  And this matter emerges in the most significant way during the feeding. The profit or loss of the products is calculated over the average milk yield of the herd and the monthly cost of all purchased feeds, without considering the calculation of the feeding cost per animal.

In order to tell the problem that I experienced in the field in a more explicit way, I can say that I could not take clear answers from our breeders for the question what and how much they feed. Because of the fact that the answers such as one meal with this holder two times daily, that bowl three times or that bucket four times is not the accurate answer of the question and besides this situation leads to problems in cost calculations resulting from not stating a net value in the kilogram basis about the feed consumption of the breeders.

Despite paying attention to the ration calculation in the farms that have mass numbers of animals, small scaled breeders absolutely do not consider the feed amounts that they give. This condition results in the mistakes from the aspect of both yield and cost.

I want to address our breeders.  We ask you to weight all the scales that you have in your houses with all kinds of feed that you will give one by one and by filling to overflowing via a weighing device and determine the daily feeding amounts. I heard the voices of the breeders, who did not have weighing devices in their houses, but I request you to diminish this problem by going to the grocer in your quarter, we will always support you regarding the matter of ration.  You have knowledge about the fact that how much you feed your animals in your houses. 

I thank all of you and wish a fruitful production.

Arda Yüceege
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