Those Feeders!

Those Feeders!

In the period of 9 months which we experience shoulder to shoulder with our manufacturers, we try to help in each problem. We perceive the problems accurately and then move forward together at solution points. While discussing the current situation of the sector, properly sale of fish and treatment of the diseases together with our dealers and manufacturers, we also end the day with the deep conversations where the incidents experienced 25 years ago in the sector are shared.

  A lot of things have changed... Cages, nets, seed fish races, barches, feed companies, manufacturers, packaging companies, water resources, aquaculture areas, fish purchasers and many factors that do not come to mind. During this change process we have covered a serious distance with the companies exporting to Europe and that made their marks in abroad.

  But the only thing that remained unchanged has been “those feeders”…

  Does everything depend on these feeders??? No.

  Being the first of main expenses in a farm; feed affects the performance of farm at 60-70% rate and by 30-40% affects the farm conditions as well (Storing, user, meal amount, feeding rate etc.) While our manufacturers say about the general feed companies “Feed does not enable growth, this feed is bad, this feed is good, this company makes you to collapse” we also need to look back and recover our deficiencies.

Even though our sector has covered such distance, we set some companies apartJ We still have some manufacturers who still do not know how much fish it has in its pool/system, its daily death rate and do not carry out what to do in preventing diseases according to water conditions and at the end of all these, charges “feeder”.

   No matter from which company you buy feed, main data to have while evaluating a feed:

  • Your stock density
  • Your water temperature changes
  • Daily death fish number and amount
  • Race of your fish and gender in trout
  • Losses due to diseases and antibiotic amount
  • Feeding rate and meal frequency
  • Feeding method
  • Oxygen amount on water
  • Vaccinations

Remember that feeders and manufacturers are at the same ship… 

Özer Akçam
Aquaculture Bioaqua Pınar Fish Feed Feeding Manufacturer Dealer Stock Growth Aquakültür Balık Yemi Yemleme Üretici Bayi Stok Büyüme Farm Çiftlik

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