Yalın 6 Sigma is at Çamlı!

Yalın 6 Sigma is at Çamlı!

  1. Along with the year 2015 project selections, we; as Çamlı Yem Besicilik, found an opportunity to take part in the Yalın 6 Sigma project period which is being implemented in other Yaşar Holding group companies for a while. 

During our short breaks, we found out a concept which will provide us to reach perfection. Name of the concept is ‘ Yalın 6 Sigma ‘ and definition of it can be summarized as ‘ noticeable changes ‘ in the whole companies.

Anıl Kaya, who is one of the former laborers of Yalın 6 Sigma defines the concept as being a systematic problem- solving approach which includes the needed tools for converting sufficient number of data to information. 

Until this time, we became aware of the fact that; we don’ t have any problems about collecting data or stocking in the ongoing projects of our company structure. Nevertheless, we realized that; the questions which are stated below, mostly remained unanswered;


  1. Is the data that we collected a needed data for us?
  2. Do the data change as the people who collect these change?
  3. Is the data collected from right places?
  4. How can these data provide insight to us?


Certainly, this awareness is going to have positive feedbacks on saving and profitability such as decreases in waste activities, good manifacturing and stocking plan, good shipping plans, increases in efficiency with the standardization of production.

The biggest advantage for the penetration of Yalın 6 Sigma is unfold with a detection of Hasan Girenes in the first Tollgate. Declarations which are being used by project leaders and other employees in the team, show that; seeds of a brand new culture and dynamism inside departments are being planted with the explication types of data that are collected and concrete solution suggestions. 

I wish all of my friends success which continue their projects. And I hope that; as Y6S culture becomes widespread, the investments which are made for our production efficiency and human resources are going to seen clearer. 

Sincerely yours,

Gündüz İlsever
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