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Are Aquaculture Fish Healthy?

While an amount of fish reaches its’ edible size in the nature; this amount is about 250.000- 300.000 for the farm fish. The difference between them can be explained as; keeping fish away from predators and diseases as far as possible. Their living chances are more than the others which are possible to face with these negativenesses. At this point; there is no difference between nature fish and farm fish in terms of health. Because of the fact that farm fish are breeded in the places which are far from the environmental contaminants, they are healthier than nature fish. The areas which fish farms are located, are continuously monitored by the Ministry Of Environment And Urbanization according to the monitoring programme in terms of environmental pollution. As a result of this monitoring; if a negativeness is detected, the farm is going to be closed. Any negative situations haven’t determined until now. At the same time, farm fish are liable to be monitored in terms of many contaminants, insoluble residues and diseases by the Ministry Of Food, Agriculture And Livestock. If any negativeness is determined; consumption of fish is avoided. Finally; these fish are exported to many countries and they are subjected to monitoring in terms of health. Any negative situations haven’t determined until now. 

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