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Be Aware Of The Diseases!

The contagious diseases arise and spread from equipment, feed, other animals, insect, pest, migratory birds and such factors. In order to avoid these diseases; there are some requirements as below... 

  • Keep The Chickens Clean!

Cleaning coop equipment with suitable disinfectants, minimizes the disease risk and avoids pathogenesis for animals. Chicken feeds should always be fresh and clean. 

  • Disinfect The Coops!

Rough cleaning should be made and fertilizers should be removed from coops. Disinfectants are efficient on the well- cleaned surfaces. The infectional organisms can be avoided in 30 minutes at least. 

  • Quarantine The Chickens! 

Unhealthy chickens should be quarantined and their diseases should be diagnosed. Besides, they should be sheltered separately from the healthy ones in order to avoid the spread of diseases and accelerate the treatment process. 

  • Vaccinate The Animals Regularly! 

Chickens are usually vaccinated when the diseases can’t be diagnosed. They should be vaccinated continuously and regularly in the event of recurrence of the diseases. 

  • Be Aware Of The Chicken Diseases!

The pecking and cannibalism disease, which arises as a result of pecking, the rachitism disease, which arises as a result of bone development and embodiment problems, the chicken louse invasion disease, which arises as a result of the attitudes such as; anxiety, scratching and scribing, the fowl cholera disease, which arises as a result of the indications such as; depression, anxiousness, livering in the skin and the Vitamin A deficiency disease, which arises as a result of the cheesy accumulations on eyelids are the most common ones. 

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