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Can Aquaculture Be Made In All Of The Regions?

Aquaculture is impossible to be made in all of the regions. There are many criterias and legal regulations for the fields in which fish farms will be established. Water temperature is primarily important for the fish types. Because, each type is required to be breeded under different temperatures and the facility field should have suitable water temperature in a year. For example; while production of Sea Bream is prevalent in South, production of Sea Bass is prevalent in North of our country. On the other side; industrial areas and places are crucial about environmental pollution. Because, fish are not able to produce in dirty places. Flow, sea bottom depth and prevailing winds are important at this point. Besides the suitability of these kinds of breeding criterias, legal regulations are also required for site selection. The region should primarily have an Aquaculture Procurement place. Afterwards, flow, depth, offshore and such parameters which are reported in regulations, are questioned. 

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