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Do The Climate Changes Affect Agriculture?

Climate is the most important factor for agricultural production. Therefore, climate changes have some affects on herbal production amount and efficiency, product quality, soil structure, zoological production and efficiency and water sources. 

  • Herbal Production Amount and Efficiency

Temperature and rain, change the product yield and efficiency, harvest and grazing season and efficiency for grasses and pastures with the CO2 content of them in the atmosphere. As the frequency and violence of drought and excessive precipitation increase, the growth and fertilization abilities of plants decrease and agricultural losses arise.  

  • Soil Structure

Soil moisture, is one of the most important factors for moisture storage capacity and efficiency, plant development and quality. The increases in temperature, requires more active irrigation operations in order to balance the moisture level in soil. Excessive temperature, changes the nitrogen amount, pH level and microbacterial combination of soil, thus it decreases the production potential by affecting the nutrient elements in soil. Reduces in the amount of efficient fields, affect the life quality, nutriture quality and quantity. 

  • Zoological Production and Efficiency

Temperature increases, have some negative effects on death rates, feed and pesticide amounts, diseases and parasites, live weight, meat- milk production and efficiency and pregnancy rates of animals. Besides these negative effects of temperature increases, climate changes are also determinant and have negative effects on the wild life. They can especially cause essential problems during significant vital activities of the animals. 

  • The Effects Of Agriculture On Water Resources

The changes in temperature, affect underground and above ground water amounts. Excessive precipitation, causes desertification in the rainy regions by increasing the stape risks. Heated sea water, threatens many types which live in the sea or ocean. Drought has become widespread with pollution of clean and drinkable water resources over time. 

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