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Do Wastes of Fish Cages Damage The Nature?

Wastes of fish farms should not be confused with human wastes and wastes of industrial facilities. Human and industrial wastes may include detergents, various chemicals and heavy metals. Basic waste of fish farms is the wastes of fishes in the nature and similarly the feces. Feces of fishes naturally mix in the sea. At this point, distribution around the farms and tolerance threshold are important. Digestibility of fishmeal is important. As the digestibility of the meals increase, tolerance to feces by the nature increases. This is also related to the increase in profitability of the facility. As digestibility of meal increases, benefit of fishes from the meal increases and operating costs decrease evenly. Fishmeal used in farms today is highly digestible and studies are made to increase this digestibility. In fact, all the studies made to decrease the costs in fish farms also bring about the consequences that would reduce the environmental effect. Nets, ropes, anchors and similar metal materials being used are recycled when their economic lives come to an end. Fishmeal sacks used are recollected within package regulation. Bilges of the boats are delivered to port operators approved by the relevant institutions. Wastes are not left in the sea.

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