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Do We Know The Benefits Of Sea Bass?

  • It Protects People From Winter Diseases!

Sea bass contains A, B1, B2, B6, B12 and D vitamins and protects people from winter diseases such as flu.

  • It Strengthens Muscle And Joint!

It strengthens muscle and joint due to the mineral salts in its’ content such as magnesium and iodine.

  • It Is Protein Rich!

It contains many quality proteins. Moreover, it is digestible.

  • It Avoids Any Kind Of Diseases!

Sea bass should be consumed by everyone in order not to catch diseases such as cholesterol, cancer and cardiovascular problems. It helps regulating cardiac rhythm.

  • It Keeps Body Energetic!

It minimizes physical exhaustion as it is consumed twice a week.

  • It Is Very Important For Eye Health!

Due to phosphor in its’ content; it is very important and beneficial to be consumed for eye health.


You may look through to the types of sea bass Çamlı produces from the link below...


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