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Do We Know The Benefits Of Turkey Meat?

  • ​​It Protects Heart And Eye Health!

Turkey meat is effective in producing cardiovascular functions and heart health with its’ low fat and high energy content.

  • It Secretes Happiness Hormone And Avoids Depression!

Turkey meat, stimulates happiness hormone with the tryptophane aminoacid in its’ content named serotonin and provides people feel themselves happy and energetic. It is effective in avoiding problems such as depression, stress and anxiety.

  • It Supports The Immune System!

Turkey meat is a very healthy nutrition with the potassium, selenium and calcium ingredients in its’ content. A body fed with turkey, strengthens against virus and bacterias and activates the immunity cells with calcium and potassium provided. Thus, affections disappear and people become more resistant.

  • It Develops Brain And Avoids Anemia!

Turkey meat, contains vitamins B3 and B6 both required for nervous and immune sytems. By being a mineral rich nutrition; it protects from anemia and makes people feel better.

  • It Is A Selenium And Zinc Rich Nutrition!

Turkey meat helps to avoid cancer, cell damages and regulate thyroid functions through selenium that is an antioxidant improves the metabolic performances of people in its’ content. Additionally; it helps to support the immune system, heal wounds and provides the body to digest fat, protein and carbonhydrates through zinc in its’ content.

  • It Is Anti- Aging!

Turkey meat, satisfies the folic acid (B9) need of the body. It is especially very important for the pregnant women that protects fetus against diseases. Moreover; it has an anti- aging effect and is being suggested to consume by everyone.

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