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Does Aquaculture Disrupt the Ecological Balance of the Sea?

The areas where there are fish farms, are monitored according to the monitoring program of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, in terms of environmental pollution and in terms of their effects on the ecological balance. If any negativity is determined as a result of the monitoring, the farms is closed. In the monitorings conducted until today no negativity has been determined at this point. On the other hand, the effects of the fish farms on the environment and on the ecological balance in the world are studied for many years. The studies have shown that: As long as the fish farms make production within certain rules, their environmental impacts are not even that much of the impact of rain, which is a natural atmospheric phenomena, on the environment. The defined rules also coincides with the breeding parameters of the fish farms. This is really a normal result. Farm fishes are the fishes that live in nature and live as a part of it. The more the environmental impact gets difficult the chance of survival of the farm fishes gets that difficult and their sustainability will be affected. As a result, the manufacturers have to act responsibly on this matter.

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