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Enterotoxemia For Animals

Enterotoxemia is a virulent disease for sheep and cattle that rapidly develops and occurs with the toxines of Clostridium perfringens bacterias. It is seen all over the world and causes serious problems and losses for sheep, lamb and calf.

Clostridium perfringens are anaerobe bacterias and commonly live in the nature. They always exist in the intestines of healthy animals and normally do not triggers problems. Nevertheless, if the intestines do not work properly, these bacterias reproduce and discharge toxines. Breeding conditions of animals, excessive milking, protein rich feeds, rapid changes in the feeding programme, bad maintanence and such factors can be the reasons for enterotoxemia.

Toxines cause deformations in the intestine structures and problems in lung, heart, kidney and brain. The problems occurring in brain; cause hydrocephalus and cerebral bleeding and unfortunately result in death.

Lambs between their 3- 8 weeks and 6- 12 months ages mostly come down with this virulent disease. Sheep mostly become ill in spring and summer. The disease usually results in death after a little while of the incubation period. Depression, contraction of muscles, overbalancing and diarrhea are the indications of enterotoxemia.

Goats come down with this virulent disease in 3 types; rapidly, normally and slowly. Diarrhea is the most common indication for enterotoxemia and continues for 2- 3 days. Body temperature increases in the normal progress. Violent pang and diarrhea are both seen in the rapid progress and animals die in the following 4- 36 hours. The indications of the disease such as anorexia and diarrhea, continue for few weeks in the slow progress.

Enterotoxemia progresses rapidly for calves. High fewer, lowing, unconsciousness, spasm and such problems are seen in the rapid progress. Although animals stay calm in the slow progress; they gnash their teeth and aren’t able to see properly. These problems can continue for few days. Thereafter, it is possible animals to get better.

Consciousness about the sudden changes in the feeding programmes, diarrhea type and determination of the sudden animal deaths are going to be effective for recognizing this virulent disease. Vaccination is highly important in this process.

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