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How Is Flushing Feeding Made In The Mating Season?

Flushing is increasing the feeding level of breeding sheep before and after the mating season. It aims to increase the ovulation, maternity and lambing rate. The given reactions for this feeding type can change according to the age and condition of sheep. In this regard, the condition levels of animals should continuously be monitored. 

The negative effects in high condition animals, especially occurs in high- temperature weathers more specifically. Flushing can start two weeks before the mating season and it can continue two or four weeks more after the end of the mating season. Continuing feeding after mating, enables embryo development and it decreases early death risks. Extending the flushing feeding time, is redundant both physiologically and economically. Feeding conditions are essential for the animals. They shouldn’t be in excessive neither least amounts. If the forage conditions are insufficient and if the animals aren’ t fed enough, it is possible them to lose their conditions. But, if the forage conditions are sufficient enough, then they won’t have any condition problems. 

Flushing means to support animals with additive feeds and improve condition in their mating seasons. It can also be made in well made forages. Moreover, rotational grazing can be applied in this feeding method. 

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