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How Is The Development Process Of Organic Farming In Turkey?

Organic Farming is highly being implemented in Aegean and Mediterranean regions. In these regions, production of the export- oriented vegetables, fruits and citrus fruits is widespread. As long as the proper circumstances are provided for production and export, organic farming is going to be available to be implemented over Turkey. 

Another requirement for the availability of organic farming is about soil. The circumstance of inusitation of chemical fertilizers, weed medicines, fungicidal, insecticide in the lands until 2 years before sowing or planting, can be assumed as a‘ must ‘ in organic farming. 

As the importance of food products in world trade increased, European firms have begun to demand organic agricultural products from our country and as this demand increased, the representatives of foreign firms have introduced and adopted organic production to our farmers according to the contract production model. First of all; fig and seedless grape which are both our traditional export products are produced in the Aegean Region. Afterwards, nut and apricot are produced. 

Inspite of the fact that; organic products firstly started to be sold in big markets, they recently became widespread with the opened shops in which these organic products are just being sold. The buyers of organic products are usually high- income, middle- aged, educated and sensitive about healthy life. 

According to the data that are recently obtained, number of countries which we make commodity export is about 20 and most of these are the countries which are known as the members of European Union. On the other hand, considering the developments about organic culture in our country, its’ share in world trade is unfortunately very low. 

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