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How Should A Functional Fish Feed Be?

While global aquaculture industry is getting matured and developed, the pressures has increased for improving efficiency and effectiveness of production techniques. Demand of producing more and more along with reducing costs has created an increasing pressure on producers and production systems have required the most quality fish-feeds.

Cost improvement has been made by using a great variety of raw materials in producing fish-feeds used in aquaculture; however, utmost attention should be paid for maintaining nutritional values of fish-feeds and meeting digestible values which will meet nutritional requirements of fish species grown.

Today, a quality fish-feed should ensure not only nutritional requirements but the much more. The new trend is producing fish-feeds which support health problems and contain solution. The most important criterion which will improve effectiveness of production systems is to bring diseases under control. In many scientific researches performed, it was reached to the result of that using fish-feed additives effectively remedied animal health. The additives have made this function by regulating digestive system and improving all immunization system.

Çamlı has tested influences of specific additives on fish health and growing performance by means of its competent R&D staff in laboratory and farm conditions and then it has used them in its products. 

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