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How Should Animal Breeding Be In Closed Stables?

There are some critical points in order to be able to gain profit in animal breeding. Tendance and care of breeders in closed stables is the most important issue.

Closed system stable breeding is the most popular stable type. In this system, it is easy to control animals. However, it has some disadvantages such as high temperature and moisture which cause immotility, stress and various diseases. Meat of fattening animals are loose and fatty. Moreover, it is possible them to have some foot diseases because of the existence of inadequate fields. 

In the closed systems, due care isn’ t shown to conditioning.This circumstance leads to hot- cold nonequilibrium. Nevertheless, the respiration qualities of animals are affected negatively. From another viewpoint; because of the fact that droppings of animals are going to reduce the quality of them, diseases are going to spread easily too. 

Animals have to be protected both from hot weathers and cold weathers. As a result of the damages which heat stress cause; animals shouldn’ t be in airless and hot places and they should be cleaned regularly in stable conditions. 

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