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How Should Feeding Management Be In Animal Husbandry?

  • ‘eNDF= min %22, NFC= max%50/ KG DM’
  • Ration transition shouldn’t be rapid in the beginning of the fattening period. 
  • The feeders of animals should always be full with feeds. 
  • 1 kg concentrate feed and free dry fodder should be given for each 100 kg live weight in the beginning of the fattening period. 
  • 1 kg concentrate feed should be incrementally given per each 50 kg live weight. Good quality roughage should freely be consumed by animals. 
  • The animals which complete their growth periods, should satisfy their feed requirements by consuming 20-30% part of concentrate feed with crops. This will be economical and efficient. 
  • Minimum 1 waterer should be provided for each 25 animals. 
  • Waterers should be controlled daily.
  • Feed consumptions of animals should be kept under supervision. 
  • Accessibility of feeds is very important for animals. 
  • Acidosis and tympany should be avoided. 
  • Rations should be given to animals properly. 
  • Daily changes shouldn’t be more than 3% for the same groups in ration. 
  • Starch, NFC, HS, eNDF and such criterias should be considered in ration. 


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