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How Should The Feeding Plan Be While Avoiding Urolithiasis?

The feeding plan should be healthy and balanced while avoiding urolithiasis. This is the most important factor for the lambs. 

In accordance with this purpose; 

  • The Ca/P rate in rations should be minimally 2/1 or ideally 2.5/1.
  • Fresh water should always be put in front of the lambs. Because, the more water consumption is, the less urolithiasis occurs. 
  • The phosphor rich feed materials should be used in limited amounts while preparing rations. 
  • In some of the lamb stock types, rations which are formed from the concentrated feeds, are being used. This type of feeding, increases the risk for urolithiasis. In order to avoid this circumstance, the animals should also be fed with roughage besides those concentrated feeds. 
  • The urines of sheep and cows usually have alkaline characters. This circumstance causes to create suitable environment for urolithiasis. It is possible gravels to be soluble with urine acidization. Besides this acidization, taking preventive precautions against urolithiasis is obligatory. 

Ammonium Chlorid, is an effective chemical for urine acidization. It can be added into the feeds or water of the lambs at the live weight amount of 0.2-0.3 gr/kg. 

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