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How Should The Late- Pregnant Sheep Be Fed?

The development of lambs mostly actualise in the last 6 weeks period of pregnancy. In this period, the ration and protein level is very important. Because, most part of fetal development and colostrum consist of protein. Besides, energy necessity is required for both satisfying in the coming lactation and composing fat reserve.

In this period of animals, feeding is a very critical circumstance to be considered. Losing too much live weight during pregnancy, affects the feeding level, condition acquisition, fetal development, fat deposition, development of mammary glands and colostrum production. 

Quality clover fodder and legume should be used in order to satisfy protein requirements at the end of the pregnancy. Feeding at this period, may affect lamb development, birth weight and milk efficiency. It important in terms of having suitable energy reserves and resisting against cold stress. The feeding conditions for sheep, direct vitality of the lambs. Besides, insufficient feeding can cause decreases in colostrum production and milk efficency and extensions in the lactation period. These factors are directly related with vitality of lambs. Birth weight is the most important determinant on lamb losses. It is mostly related with the feeding level. 

The most important problems in this period are polymer pregnancy, sudden feed changes, increases in the amounts of ketone materials because of the usage of oil tanks as the energy sources and toxemia of pregnancy. Animals may not get the required energy due to their stomach capacities in polymer pregnancy. The digestion problems which cause from sudden feed changes and the acidosis problems which cause from surplus factory feed and crop usage can be seen during this period. 

The Importance Of Feeding In The Late- Pregnancy Period

  •  It supports fetal development. 
  •  It provides mammary gland development. 
  •  Toxemia of pregnancy and hypocalcemia are avoided. 
  •  It provides healthy development. 

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