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Maintenance And Feeding Methods For Free- Range Chickens

Success in facilities, depends on genetics of animals and feeding programmes prepared for them. Environmental factors can cause resistance loss against diseases for free- range chickens. Therefore, observations of vaccination programmes and possible diseases made by veterinarians, are very important.

Ages and weights of animals should definitely be controlled in terms of race. Because, unhealthy pullets will no doubtly decrease production and egg quality.

Arranging feeding programmes are very important for breeding. Animals can take heavy metal from soil and consume green plants excessively. Both cultivation areas and raw materials should be kept under control for health of animals. Depending upon excessive feeding; digestion and fattening problems may occur. As a result of these fattening problems; egg quality and efficiency will decrease.

Feed amounts and weights of animals should always be controlled for a better performance. If there will be another raw materials except facility feeds, performance of the whole herd should be considered.


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