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Maintenance And Feeding Of Sacrificial Animals!

Maintenance and feeding are very important things to consider for sacrificial animals. The animals should be given enough clean water and feed, the barns and pens where they are kept should be properly lit and ventilated. Drinkers and feeders must be clean. Animals in very hot and very cold weather conditions; should not be kept in barns and pens with wet, damp, airless, dark and dirty floors. Animals should be given adequate roughage. The feed given should not be stinky, moldy, contaminated with foreign substances. Feed changes should not be made in less than a week. Excessive carbohydrates (starch and sugar-containing potatoes, flour, bread, sugar beet, molasses, etc.), stinky feeds and leftovers should not be given. Otherwise, health and nutritional problems such as swelling, acidosis, diarrhea in animals will occur.

Drugs, vaccines, vitamins, hormones and hormone-like substances shouldn’t be given to animals in order them to increase their live weights or avoid them to catch any kind of diseases. The removal period of these substances from the body, should importantly be considered and it shouldn’t be ignored that they can harm human health with edible meat. Sacrificial animals mustn’t be slaughtered or eaten during this period.

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