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Points To Consider While Selecting Sacrificial Animals!

It is necessary to check whether the animal you are going to take as a sacrifice, is over the age or not. If cattle is to be taken, the milk teeth of them should have fallen and they should be at least 2 years old. Besides, if sheep & goat is to be taken, they should be at least 1 years old. In order to understand the age of the animals, we need to look at the front teeth of them. All sacrificial animals should be healthy and fleshy.

Healthy animals have distinctive features;

  • They are plumpy, broad shouldered, thin- skinned, elastic and have shiny hair.
  • They don’t have health problems such as; defluxion, postnasal drip, lameness, flatulence, colour change and injuries.
  • Bucks should primarily be preferred for sacrifying.
  • All sacrificial animals should have ear tags, passports, tranfer certificates and health reports taken from veterinarians. These documents guarentees animal health.

Farm registrations, dental health, horn changes, adult features should all be considered for age determination. In fact; farm registrations give the precise result. If there aren’t any registrations kept, age determination can be made by looking at dental health.

While cattle have 12 molar teeth in maxilla, they have 12 molar teeth and 8 incisor teeth in submaxilla. Normally, adult cattle have 32 teeth. Therefore, age determination can also be made by counting teeth. Teeth changes and depreciation time should importantly be considered while determining animal ages according to their teeth. There are 8 incisor teeth in submaxilla.

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