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The Benefits Of Organic Fertilizers To Soil

  • Organic fertilizers provide development for plants by increasing cell division. Thus, yielding becomes more effective.
  • Porous structure and water- holding capacity of the soil increase with fertilizing. Both plant and soil, gain resistance against drought.
  • Organic fertilizers avoids evaporation by creating a fibrous and dense structure on the exterior part of the soil. Thus, water requirements of plants decrease.
  • Soil gains resistance against erosion.
  • Plants gain resistance against insects.
  • Soil becomes more efficient and beneficial due to the minerals in organic fertilizers.
  • Organic fertilizers increase air and water permeability of the soil.
  • Organic fertilizers deepen soil and provide sunshine to reflect directly.
  • Organic fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphor, potassium and such macro nutrient elements balancedly.
  • Organic fertilizers deliver nitrogen to plants balancedly.  
  • Organic fertilizers enrich soil bacteriologically.
  • Organic fertilizers avoid lime.
  • Organİc fertilizers convert iron to another thing that plants can take.


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