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The Factors To Be Considered In The Nutrition Of Goats!

  • It is very important goats to have fresh and continuous feed at their young ages.
  • Puppies should never be left blank.
  • Capricorns should be gradually accustomed to the puppies as they go through the growing period. Otherwise, excessive compound feed consumption that will start suddenly may cause Enterotoxemia.
  • Feeders should be protected from undesirable factors such as water, rain, snow and all feeders should be filled with mixed feed.
  • Wet feeds can be moldy, so feeders should be checked frequently, and any spoiled feed should be removed from the feeder. It is useful to have a distance between them and the drinkers.
  • Especially the feed flow rate in mixed feeders, should be controlled properly.
  • If diarrhea is encountered, animals with diarrhea should be separated from healthy animals.
  • Open feeders can be used to raise goats. However, feeders should be cleaned frequently and filled at least twice a day.
  • When open feeders are used, goats sometimes enter the feeders and urinate and feces. This also causes feed loss.
  • The puppies should be close to drinkers, canopies, and other structures where kids roam in the enclosure during the day. Capricorns engage in jumping, climbing or other play behaviors, especially when they are fed. For this purpose, children are helped to play by placing objects such as tree stumps and pieces of rock near the puppies.

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