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The Requirements To Know While Arranging Execution Time Of Organic Fertilizers!

Nutrients should be provided for plants. All fertilizers can be given at once or periodically. Timing is very important for plants them to take their nutrients healthily.

Providing beneficial nutrients for plants and arranging execution time of organic fertilizers are another important facts required to be mentioned. If one of them is missed, then fertilizers will lose its’ importance and benefits for plants.

Timing For Phosphoric Fertilizers

Phosphoric fertilizers should be given immediately before or while planting and put in the ground. They should be applied while growth periods of plants in order to maximize benefit.

All phosphoric fertilizers should be put in the ground immediately before or while planting.

Timing For Potassic Fertilizers

There may sometimes be potassium deficiencies in some fields. Soil analysis is very important while determining deficiencies. Accordingly; potassic fertilizers should be given to plants. All potassic fertilizers should be applied while planting.

Timing For Nitrogenous Fertilizers

Nitrogenous fertilizers can incur losses by getting wet with rain and irrigation water.

The nitrogen amount should sometimes be given in the growth period of plants periodically in order to avoid losses.


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