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What Are The Effects Of Organic Material To Soil?

Physical Features:

Organic material; increases waterholding capacity of the soil, provides rainwater retention, fixes the problems by airing the soil properly and avoids soil erosion. 

Biological Features:

Microorganizms play important role in soil efficiency. Soil is the nutrition and energy source. The more the organic material is, the activities of microorganisms are going to increase directly. As a result of these activities; airing and waterholding are provided and fertile environment is created for the developments of microorganisms and plant roots in soil. 

Chemical Features:

Organic material, is the depot of plant nutrition elements in soil. It helps inorganic phosphor, iron, manganese and such elements to be beneficial for plants and avoids sudden changes that may occur via its’ buffering feature. Nitrogen is the most important element in soil and turned over nitrates and ammonium salts for plants to benefit from it. Carbondioxide occurs while the separation of organic material. Carbonic acid increases the solubility of other elements. 

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