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What Are The Effects Of Water Pollution On Living Creatures?

Water pollution is the pollution type arising on lake, river, ocean, sea, underground water and such catchment areas. It can also be defined as distrupting the natural structure of water by changing their physical, chemical and biological features and harming health of people and any living creatures. It has many effects as below... 

  • As a result of the increases in water pollution; plant development is affected negatively, the necessary minerals for photosynthesis can’t be taken and forests can’t grow. 
  • Blending sewage with industrial wastes, is one of the main causes for pollution.
  • Algae growth avoids oxygen intake of fish and other marine living creatures and affects the ecosystem negatively. 
  • Toxic water in nature, poison the soil and contaminate underground water specifically. And the damaged soil threatens lives of animals in the region. 
  • Damaging plants reduce the quality of agricultural activities and problems occur in feeding of living creatures. 
  • Lives of marine animals are affected negatively by draining sewage away the sea. As being the most important indications of pollution, wrong structuring, overhunting and unconscious technology usage; lifetime of animals reduce numerically. 
  • Exposure to various chemical materials, causes diseases and death, disturbs natural balance of living creatures and make them unhealthy. 

For avoidance of water pollution; residuals shouldn’t be thrown into water, agricultural pesticides and fertilizers shouldn’t be mixed with water and all sources should be clean. 

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