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What Are The Factors To Be Considered In Food Selection?

  • Carbonhydrate

Carbonhydrates are the energy sources for dogs. Foods should contain digestible raw materials such as wheat, corn and rice, have a strong and nutritious structure and provide them to meet their functional requirements.

  • Protein

Proteins which are one of the main nutritional requirements of dogs, provide muscle development and renew body tissue. Dog foods should contain raw materials such as chicken, egg, beef, turkey, lamb, soybean and fish meal. 

  • Oil

Dogs need oil acids in their nutrition. Essential oil acids add taste and aroma to foods and strengthens the immune systems of animals. Chicken oil, soybean oil, fish oil and such energy sources should be used in dog foods for a balanced and healthy nutrition. 

  • Vitamin and Mineral

There are various vitamins in a dog food. While Vitamin E supports the immune systems of dogs, Vitamin A provides them to have healthy skin and shiny hair and Vitamin D strengthens skeleton development. 

Minerals in dog food, provide animals to perform their functions properly. Calcium, phosphor and magnesium are important elements for bone development. Besides, iron, zinc and selenium are important trace elements for nail and skin health. 

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