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What Are The Factors To Be Considered In Lamb Feeding?

  • The shelters of lamb should be controlled 4 times a day at least. New born lamb should drink 150 ml colostrum in the first 2 hours of their birth and 250 ml colostrum in the following 6 hours. 
  • Clean and drinkable water should freely be provided for animals. 
  • Dry pad areas should be minimum 1 m2 for each 3 lamb. They should be 1 m2 for each 2 lamb for the ones which are at their 1 month ages. 
  • The lamb which are younger than 1 week, should be sheltered in different places. 
  • Çamlı Lamb Starter Feed should be freely consumed beginning from the first day after birth. 
  • Quality dry fodder can be given at the 30th days of animals. 
  • Heat in shelters should be 25°C in the first day of the new born lambs, 18°C (+-5°C) for the ones which are younger than 3 weeks and between 13°C-15°C for the ones who are older than 3 weeks. 
  • In order to heat the shelters, an infra red lamp about 250 W and 1 meter height from the bottom, can be used per 15 lamb or alternative heating systems can be preferred to use. 
  • As a result of high moisture and insufficient air conditioning; respiratory tract diseases are going to increase. Excessive and direct air stream should be avoided especially in winter. Shelters should be ventilated sufficiently. 
  • Vaccination and health applications should be made within the scope of protocol for lamb and pregnant sheep before and after birth.

Ibrahim INCE

Technical Field Representative

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