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What Are The Features Of Trinova Feed Plant?

Trinova, which is a perennial plant depending upon the climate conditions, provides high silage efficiency and protein by being suitable for consumption. It increases milk efficiency. As comparing with other seeds, there are bones in the glumes. 

It is used in many fields such as; establishment of sown pasture and green areas, soil reclamation, avoidance of soil eroison and obtaining silo feed. 

Trinova is a feed plant which involves high protein in its’ content at the rate of 14 percent. Besides its’ digestibility, peppiness and harvestability, it is also suitable for meadow consumption. Sewing can be made to every kind of soils in September and November. It is suitable for planting 4 or 5 times per year and has a powerful structure. Moreover, it is durable against moldiness, pallidness and mushroom with its’ high silage quality. It is named as ‘gand flower’ by the farmers because it increases milk efficiency.  

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