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What Are The Indications Of Feed Stroke?

Feed stroke, occurs as a result of excessive and sudden feeding with barley, wheat, corn, starch, sugar and such grains.

Trillions of microorganisms lives in the paunch of animals. These microorganisms rapidly break feed into pieces. As a result of this action of them; acid occurs at high amounts. If the acid amount become higher and excessive, problems such as rumen acidosis, rumen acidization, paunch acidization and feed stroke will be possible to face with.

The most significant indication of feed stroke is diarrhea. Animals suddenly become ill although they don’t have any problem at the beginning. The other indication is swelling in the paunch of animals. Additionally to all things mentioned above; anorexia, stress and weakness are another examples for feed stroke. It is such a disease that is especially faced with at the end of the fattening period.

Solubility speeds of the raw materials are very important to be considered for protecting our animals from feed stroke. Cereals and starch should be given to them without ultrafine grinding. Sodium, bicarbonate, magnesium oxide, potassium carbonate and such feed additives should be used for avoidance of the disease.

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