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What Are The Most Important Parts While Cooking Turkey Meat?

Turkey meat is being preferred by most of the people in the world because of its’ high nutritional value, low fat and cholesterol content, workability with other products and taste. It is a rich nutrient in terms of B1 and B2 vitamins and avoids cardiovascular diseases. 

  • In order to give flavour to our Turkey, we should marinate it with olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, salt, pepper and spices. 
  • Then, we may knife it and add rosemary or bayleaf inside it. In addition to these, if we place carrots, onions, garlics and celery roots on the tray before roasting, our turkey will be delicious. 
  • We should spread 3-4 tablespoon honey on turkey 15 minutes before the cooking time in order to roast and flavour it. 
  • We should be careful about spacing 5 or 7- 8 cm out the cooker. 
  • If our turkey is 2- 4,5 kg weigh, we should cook it about 2- 3 hours, if our turkey is 5- 7,5 kg weigh, we should cook it about 3- 4 hours and if our turkey is 8- 12,5 kg weigh, then we should cook it about 4- 5 hours under 160 degree heat. 

Deliciousness is always desirable for people. Everyone wants the more delicious and tasteful one to cook, prepare and bring to the table... Make it possible by considering the key points which are mentioned above! 

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