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What Are The Points To Consider In Breeding Selection?

Efficiency is an important factor to be considered in breeding selection. There are many efficiency factors at this point. For example; the superior races should be selected as stock according to their meat and fleece efficiencies. Moreover, they should be suitable for the climate, forage, corral, caring and nutrition conditions. Nevertheless, animals should be healthy and have the capability to reproduce. 

Age is another important factor in breeding selection. Animals which are younger than 6 months, shouldn’t be chosen as stocks. While the efficiency levels of rams start to decrease at their 5- 6 ages, the efficiency levels of sheeps start to decrease at their 7 ages. The animals which are older than these given ages above, shouldn’t also be chosen as stocks. Breeding selection should be made from the businesses which deal with breeding consciously. Moreover, preventive inoculations and parasitic disinfections of the animals should be made on time. 

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