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What Are The Requirements For Preventing Feed Wastage In Poultry Feeding?

Excessive feed consumption is not usually determinant for the main problem. There are many feeds which go to waste even before they are eaten. Thus, the daily wastage is about 5 grams or more per animal. 


The feeders of animals are usually zinc-coated and metal in most of the poultry businesses. These feeders are preferred because of the fact that they are more durable and cheaper. But in fact, they cause feed wastage and problems in related to that. This issue can be solved by using the feeding method which is applied with automatic pans. 

The Amount Of Feed:  

Feeders shouldn’ t be filled to overflowing; it should be as minimum as possible.


Beaks of the animals, cause animals a continuous disinterment. Thus, feeds become contaminated and this circumstance leads to wastage. Deabeaking on time, is important in order to avoid feed wastage and possible damages. 

Struggling With Rodents:

Rodents cause big problems in poultry businesses; they most importantly affect feed conversion negatively. A mouse daily consume nutrient about its’ self weight. It indicates that; if this issue isn’ t solved as soon as possible, the poultry businesses are going to face with tons of feed losses in a year.

Spoiled Feed:

Another important factors that cause feed wastage are spoiling and moulding of the feed. If production isn’ t made properly, these problems are going to occur. Moreover, moulding is especially a serious issue in the regions which has hot and moist climates. 

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