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What Are The Technical Requirements For Sheep Feeding?

  • Feeder areas should be sufficient in shelters. 
  • Sheep should freely drink clean and drinkable water.
  • 1,5 m2 dry pad area should be provided for each animal. 1,7 m2 dry pad area should be provided for the pregnant ones and 2,5 m2 for the lambs per rootstock. 
  • All of them should be sheltered and fed according to their lambing periods. 
  • Daily consumption amount of good quality fodder should be about 1- 1,5 kg at least for rumen health.
  • The sheep which have twin or triplet lambs should be separately sheltered and fed from others.
  • Humidity should be low and air conditioning should be sufficient to avoid respiratory tract diseases. Excessive and direct air stream should also be avoided especially in winter. Additionally, shelters should be aired sufficiently. 
  • Sheep should be vaccinated against internal and external noise diseases. 


Technical Field Manager

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