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What Does Preventive Medicine Mean? How Should It Be Implemented?

Degradation occurs in tissues and organs depending upon inflamation which causes from the infection in the body and ligament takes the place of these cells. Because of this situation that is mentioned above, even the infection is pulled through or treated, reaching to a normal potential of these organs or tissues is going to take a long time or is never going to be possible. Besides; the importance of Preventive Medicine is going to come in sight as the animal losses, treatment expenses, time and labour force which are possible to occur as the results of illnesses are thought. 

Preventive Medicine can be defined as the precautions that are taken before the occurrence of an illness and it includes a serial of precaution and application for livestock before the occurrence of infectious and zoonotic illnesses. These precautions are anti-parasitic medicine usages and specific vaccine applications against viral, bacterial and fungal factors. 

Vaccinations stand out with their practical and economical qualities in general protection principles. The applications which are made in a fit and a proper time, form the basic step of Preventive Medicine. But because of the reason that vaccinations are not adequate by themselves, it is recommended to be used with other applications. They help animals protect themselves from illnesses. Thus, treatment costs are considerably shortened with efficiency and labour losses. 

As the efficient intervention against illnesses and Preventive Medicine are very important in all of the types of breeding, they are in the same significance levels in fattening. Firstly, preventive medicine is the most important thing which directly affects the business profit in order to prevent animal losses. 

Animal welfare should be the first thing that comes to mind when preventive medicine is the point in question. In other words; atmospheric, technical and substructure conditions should be provided for a healthy environment. 

Stress conditions of the animals should be minimized in stables or forages. Wet floors, anaeorobic conditions and high temperature are the basic reasons for animal stress. These conditions firstly make the low body resistant animals get stressed, then make them ill by grabbing infection. 

Problems in the stable or operation fields are especially important when the physical living conditions are thought. Because efficiency and profit are affected negatively in terms of the business when the corrections which are possible with simple precautions and applications aren’ t made. And these things that are mentioned above are crucially important for the continuity of the business. 

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