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What Is The Earliest Delactation Time For Calf?

Delactation can be at any ages of calf because of the fact that; it is assumed as a general application for them. 

In order to increase the performance efficiency and decrease stress of the animals which ablactate at their early ages, there are some requirements as below; 

  • Some encouraging applications for feed consumption should be made a few weeks ago before delactation,
  • The calf should be differentiated according to their sizes and ages and they should be settled into different places,
  • Dusts in the cages should be decreased by using straw and animal bed materials. 
  • Air circulation should be provided sufficiently, 
  • Clear water should be supplied regularly, 
  • The animals should be in the places in which they won’ t see their mothers and hear their voices,
  • Feed conversion should be increased by using high-digestible feed materials,
  • Adequate breaking fields should be provided, 
  • Breaking systems and single feeders sould be placed. Thus, it should be avoided calf to escape from cages while trying to find their mothers,
  • Some other calf which are conversant with animal beds, should be placed near the ablactated ones, 
  • Powdering in feeds should be avoided by frequently adding feeds in the feeders… 

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