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What is The Importance Of Heating Up The Coops in Winter Months?

As the temperature decreases and exterior humidity increases in winter months, poultry producers fall into the position of monitoring the air entering the location of the production more closely. Achieving constant, clean and easy air and ensuring the avoidance from carbon dioxide and ammonia as far as possible is of primary concern.

Providing the exact incubation conditions is the most important thing. Besides maintaining the conventional methods, farmers must somehow keep the ambient temperature and humidity constant. From LPG to biomass technology, many heating systems with underfloor heating are available and these systems are designed to vary for every environment.

First 24-48 hours is a vital period of time for the life of poultry and it affects the whole product chain in terms of health and performance. Producers should adjust the ambiance temperature between 28-30 degrees beforehand. Air temperature should not exceed 33 degrees and humidity should be between 60 and 70 percent. As chickens could not adjust their body temperature till the age of 12-14, adjustment of ambiance and air temperature is very important for them.

As a result of decrease in the air temperature, air entering the environment causes very rapid changes in the ambient temperature. Therefore ventilation and heating systems are of vital importance in winter months. Achieving the feeding of arbitrary chickens by food and drink placed on paper outside the coops, which constitutes a model for newborn chickens, might also be efficient.

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