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What Is The Importance Of Shed Planning For Cattle In Cold Winter Months?

In Turkey and other similar countries, heat stress is at the forefront of cold stress in terms of performance and efficiency of animals. However, the sensibility for cold stress is equivalent with heat stress. 

In order to avoid cold stress for the cows which are exposed to cold weathers and strong wind, winter dominion should be considered in the farms. 

Cattle, need maintanence for their health and performance. A well- managed program is required for winterizing the animals by decreasing their cold stress. Thus, economical profit is obtained and animal diseases can kept under control. 

The biggest problems in winter are insufficient oxygen amount and high ammoniac amount originating from closed stables. The planned structures and half- closed shelters are lifesaving for dairy cows. A critical heat varies according to the body cover, humidity, size, subcutaneous fat amount, length of negative condition exposure and wind amount. Wet body cover causes reduces in the isolation quality and cattle can be freezed in a short time. If animal is wet, then the heat can increase up to 15 degree. And in the dry weathers, feathers are in the blanket position which protects them from these cold weathers. To sum up; the expected efficiency is going to be possible by providing optimum environmental conditions.  

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