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What Is The Importance Of Small Cattle Breeding In Turkey?

Small cattle breeding, is highly important in Turkey in order to obtain meat, milk, wool, bristle and leather. The nutrients which are acquired from sheep and goat, are crucial for people. This sector, provides cheap and accessible animal protein supply and healthy nourisment for the societies. Sheep and goat farming, which is known as one of the first sources of income, has had an important position in agricultural economics throughout history and it offers business opportunities to millions of people at the present time. 

Sheep and goats, come into prominence with their abilities of accomodating themselves to indequate forage and unfavourable climate conditions. This circumstance is especially important for the developing countries. These animals ideally benefit from forage; they are the ones who evaluate and use it most efficiently. Moreover, they are suitable to topography of Turkey. Sheep and goats can also accomodate themselves to the inefficient agricultural fields in a short span of time and the disadvantages which may ocur under this circumstance, are turned into advantages.

As the topography and forage of Turkey are considered; the potential for a cost- effective and quality animal breeding is going to be talked about. Most of the forages in Turkey are low- efficient and they are more suitable for small cattle breeding. Sheep and goat breeding is especially the most cost- effective breeding type in our country. It has a particular importance for the national economy; 24.75 percentage of the total meat production, 12.35 percentage of the total milk production and 63.18 percentage of the total leather production are required from sheep and goats.  

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