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What Sort Of Things Should Be Done For Increasing The Soil Efficiency?

  • Crop alternation should be applied in order to water the soil under the lack of rainfall. 

Letting the soil rest with the fallowing application during a year, leads to increases in production efficiency. Besides, watering the soil, enables to grow crops with the alternation method every year. Planting the same plants sequentially, encourages to use the plant nutrients which are in the specific depths of soil. From a different point of view; when it is evaluated in terms of diseases and pests, it can be said that continuously producing the same materials will cause increases in diseases and pests. 

  • The residues shouldn’t be burned.

The harvested residues should be mixed to soils at the proper time and refuted. Thus, the soil is going to strengthen in terms of organic materials and nutrients. 

  • The organic materials in soil should be increased.

Mixing the fermented animal fertilizer with soil, enriches both the organic materials and microorganism fauna. Another application for this, can be green fertilization which the forage legumes such as vetch, magyar vetch and clover are planted and mixed with soil by tilling it in the flowering period. 

  • Precautions should be taken against erosion.

Wheat steams and residuals should be left in the land in order to be able to take precautions against erosion. Soil cultivation shouldn’t be made in the downward lands. Late cultivations are going to cause damages instead of bringing benefits. 

  • Fertilization programmes should be applied according to the analysis outcomes.

The fertilization application should be applied with suitable equipment at the right time. Unnecessary usage of fertilizers, have negative effects on both the soil balance and economy. Moreover, sowing and planting should also be made at the right time in order to bring benefit to the soil. 

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