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Which Conditions Are Required To Be Implemented For Sustainable Aquaculture?

In order to provide sustainability for an aquaculture operation; 

  • Tendency for the usage of herbal feeds which are obtained from sustainable agriculture,
  • Inusitation of fish feeds or fish oil- origin feeds and nonproduction of losses in fish protein blocks,
  • Inusitation of fry and larva from natural stocks,
  • Systems of breeding only the endemic types in high seas and usage of closed nets, closed wall sea pools or such similar systems,
  • Avoidance of waste disposal in order not to expose to damaging environment effects which are possible to occur somewhere around,
  • Nonproduction of negative effects or risks on local natural life, 
  • Inusitation of genetically modified fish or feed,
  • Usage of the systems which maximize occurrance and dissemination of the illnesses. 
  • Nonconsumption of local drinking water, vegetation and such sources.
  • Inexistence of health- threatening activities,
  • Support of the local community for long- term economical and social welfare

circumstances have to be taken into consideration. 

Various items that are being mentioned above should be actualized simultaneously for an acceptable sustainability in real terms. 

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