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Which Criterias Should An Ideal Cat Food Have?

There are some criterias for healthy nutrition of cats. These can be mentioned as below... 

  • Healthy Skin and Shiny Hair!

Our pets need vitamins, minerals and essential oil acids in sufficient amounts in order to have healthy skin and shiny hair. Their needs should completely be satisfied. The cat food should involve omega 3 and omega 6 oil acid-rich carotene and biotin. These essential acids provide healthy immune and nervous system. Besides, they help A, D, E, K and such fat soluble vitamins have in body.

  • Muscle Development!

An ideal cat food, should support muscle development and involve required vitamins and minerals. The animal proteins in its’ content, are the most important sources for muscle and fiber development. 

  • Strong Muscle And Joint Structure!

Our pets should consume foods which involve calcium, phosphor, magnesium and such minerals in its’ content and thus, they should have healthy skeletal structures. Moreover, animals need iron, selenium and such trace elements. We should be sure about the cat foods whether they are containing all of the required vitamins and minerals above or not and feed our pets with Cool Cat. 

  • Healthy Digestive System!

The raw materials in food, should be easily digestible, natural and sufficient to avoid digestion problems for animals. Selection of them should be made from the quality and reliable sources. As carbonhydrates satisfy the energy needs of our pets, the fibrous structure of food, help droppings be in desired levels. Besides, yeasts in its’ content, support development of useful bacterias in intestines. 

Feeding is the most important factor for health of our animals. Methods should also be applied regularly for their maintenance. 

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