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White Muscle Disease For Lambs

Occurrence Of The Disease

  • Animals feeding in low selenium fields, catch white muscle disease.
  • Lack of vitamin E in the ration, causes the disease.
  • Selenium is a very important nutrient to take for animals. If they don’t be able to satisfy their selenium requirements, they become ill.

Disease Symptoms

  • White muscle disease, usually occurs between 3 and 8 weeks after birth.
  • Having difficulties while walking, gibbousness, limping and respiratory disorders are the symptoms of this disease.
  • In the advancing period of the disease, lambs have difficulties while standing in balance and they can’t use their legs and bodies at the same time.
  • White muscle disease, sometimes occurs inherently. Therefore, newborn lambs can’t get their nutrients and grow healthily. As a result of the negative conditions of them; they die in a few hours because of cardiac insufficiency and respiratory distress.
  • Losses in vitamin E while making hay and silage making, are important factors for occurrence of the disease.

Ways For Avoidance Of The Disease

  • Vitamin E and selenium combinations should be given to lambs and goats soon after birth.
  • Vaccines should be applied a few times every other day for sick animals.
  • Antibiotics should be given to the animals with respiratory distress.
  • Both selenium and vitamin E are very important to get at the last months of birth in order to avoid white muscle disease.

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